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Whispers of Hope

My name is Andrea Annese Como and this is my experience as an Ovarian Cancer survivor. Here’s a little background: I spent a long time taking infertility drugs and was never able to conceive a child. I would soon learn that this increases the risks of Ovarian Cancer. In July of 2006, I was turning 40 and decided to challenge myself. Exercise and healthy eating had always been an important part of my life and so I decided to begin sprint training. Soon after, I started to notice a few symptoms that were unusual for me. This is when the first whispers began.

...frequent urination when exercising… fatigue…

spotting between periods… mild pain on

my left side...

After an exam and several other tests, I was told that there was nothing to be concerned about at that time. A few weeks later while my family and I were vacationing in Florida, the whispers began again. They faded for a few weeks and naturally faded from my mind as well. Little did I know that another whisper was right around the corner.

Picture above: Me with my husband Dave, and my beautiful children Nathaniel and Nicolette. You have given me the strength to find my purpose, life balance, and peace in each day!

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