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My Experience at Super Saturday!

I attended Super Saturday for the first time in 2011 and the experience was so emotional because it was a dream to be there and help. I know someday there wil be a cure or an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer.

I will smile knowing I did my little part in painting the town teal and educating women. It was amazing to see hundreds of people come together to make this event possible. The event ended up raising $3.5 million! The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s (OCRF) Annual Super Saturday Event was co-hosted in 2011 by Donna Karan, Kelly Ripa, and Ariel Foxman of InStyle. OCRF is the largest independent organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to funding Ovarian Cancer research and finding a cure. OCRF has invested $40 million towards developing innovative strategies for early detection, identifying new and better targets for treatment, and determining how to super charge a woman’s immune response to better fight Ovarian Cancer.

The exclusive sale, was featured on QVC households, allowing shoppers throughout the country to get designer styles at approximately half the manufacturer’s retail price. Kelly Ripa (pictured with me to the left!) a longtime supporter of OCRF, has hosted Super Saturday for the past seven years. It is my dream to one day work with Kelly on this event and help spread the very important message to women... Ovarian Cancer whispers, so listen.

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